15 Things You Should Think About When Building A New Website

Building A New Website Design in Amman

Building a new website is an exciting time for any business, but it is important that you create the best possible website. The right website for you may be wrong for another business, and this is why you need to consider what is right for your needs.

Here are 15 Things you should think about When Building A New Website :

  1. The domain name and The Hosting

    The domain name of your website is absolutely necessary in creating a good impression and reaching out to your clients. Ideally, you want a domain name that will appeal to your audience, fit with your brand, is easy to remember and will guaranty a keyword element. This means that there is a lot to consider but this should be the starting point in coming up with a name. You also need to consider what hosting option you will take. Cost will be a factor but you need genuine support and a site that is solid enough to meet your needs. Take your time to review the hosting options before rushing in or choosing the first option you see.

  2. What CMS (Content Management System) you will use

    In order to update the content for your website, you need to use a CMS and there are different options available to choose from. It seems as though WordPress is the most common CMS option but you should review different CMS providers to see what fit right for you. You should also consider if there are support options available to help you if you get stuck. If you have a specialist business, you may prefer a CMS that is tailored to your needs.

  3. Content

    You need to think what sort of content you are going to share and how better to share this content on the website. Content can be written text, picture, video, or it can be a combination of all of these
    aspects. Providing fresh, regular and original content is great to engage your audience and reach out to search engines, so make sure that you have flood of content ideas for your website.

  4. The colors scheme, design and layout of the website

    The design layout and colors of your website will all effect on public perception of what you offer. You want your website to look professional and it should be a site that makes sense for what you offer. This may be an area where professional help makes a big difference because a poor looking or bad laid out site can kill your conversion rates before you get started.

  5. Your Brand

    Always have your brand in mind when building a new website. In fact, no matter what you do, you should have your brand in mind at all times in business. Your brand should be consistent and it should
    be recognizable in every step you take. Make sure your website is compatible with your brand and that your audience recognizes it as being bit of your company.

  6. The functionality of the website and what you need it to do

    Whatever you want your website to do, make sure your website can deliver this. If all you are doing is sharing information, most sites will be suitable but if you are looking to sell or you want to engage to an intricate level, you may need a specialist style of site. Always think about your audience and what they want from the site.

  7. The loading speed of the website

    Sites with a poor loading speed are being ranked down by Google and many users will click off before they see what you have to offer. Slow loading times will damage your business, so fasten on ensuring your website loads quickly.

  8. Call for Actions

    You have to make sure people are taking action on your site and this means you need to provide Call to Actions on your site. Whether this is cogent people to buy, sign up for an email list or some other form of engagement is up to you but you need people to do something when they are on your website.

  9. Having a Blog

    A blog is major in modern business. This will allow you to comment on your industry or product, it allows you to reach out to your audience and it can position you as an expert in your chosen area. Blogs also tie in well with social media platforms and a blog is often a fantastic way to engage your employees with what your business does.

  10. The SEO approach

    There are many different ways to improve SEO and rank highly on websites. Your content is crucial but
    the layout of your site and even the code used in setting up pages will all effect on how well you are received by search engines. This means you should always have some focus on SEO when building a new website.

  11. Being mobile friendly and responsive for various browsers

    Your website has to be responsive. No matter the browser someone is using to reach your website or what device they use, the user should have a enjoyable experience. If you don’t get this right at the start, it can be a hassle to get this right at a later date so be responsive from the start.

  12. Social media integration

    Your website should link back and forth with your social media platforms. No matter what style of business or site you have, encouraging social media interaction will be of benefit in the long term. You should find that there are various plug-ins available to make your social media activity more prominent on your website.

  13. Security

    Security is essential for all websites as you want your audience to feel safe when using your site. If you collect customer information or make sales on your site, security will be one of the most important aspects of your site, so make sure to focus on this from the start of the website building process.

  14. Sitemap

    You need to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and to navigate around your site. Providing a reliable sitemap is the best way to make the process easier for your visitors. Having a clear structure in mind when you develop your website will make this process an awful lot easier as your site

  15. Analytics

    When choosing a website or CMS, you want to make sure that you can access information about how people find your website, what they do when they are on your website and where they exit your site. Analytical information is essential for websites and this information can help you achieve success. When you are building a new website, there are many things to consider and this list will hopefully offer you guidance on what you need to be aware of.