12 Reasons Why Your website Should include Blogs

Your website Should include Blogs

If you’ve read that your website should blog but you haven’t been convinced that it is right for your website, you probably need further persuasion.

Here are 12 reasons why your website should include blogs:

  1. Blogs can be set up easily and updated fast
    Most people worry that blogs will take a lot of time to set up or be very hard to set up and maintain. This isn’t the case. Platforms like WordPress or Blogger allow companies to set up good looking blogs in no time at all, helping you to have a good looking site that you can add too easily.
  2. Blogs positively effect on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    You know the benefits of SEO and it is preferable to be ranked well on Google and the leading search engine sites. Having a blog positively effect on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . This is because a good quality and relevant blog ties in with your website, it should utilize keywords and with links, it can lead people towards your website, which is another indicator to Google that your site is worth checking out.
  3. A HubSpot survey suggests that 60% of businesses that blog pick up more customers
    Some people will question how impartial HubSpot can be when it comes to promoting the advantages of blogs, but there is a lot to be said for blogging leading to business. If you are actively promoting your blog and lead people to your website, it stands to reason that you can increase your client base or
    make more sales.
    A blog is great for creating increased footfall on your website and if you increased footfall to your actual store, you’d be more confident about making more sales. It is the exact same principle when it comes to your blog.
  4. Your blog should be at the heart of your social media platforms
    Businesses should be active on social media these days but you need to offer content that is of interest to your audience. Therefore, having a blog is great because it ensures you always have content to share with your followers.
  5. The blog helps to define the company image and brand
    Your company should have an image and brand that comes first. With this brand and image in mind, you can create a blog that assure to the identity you are looking to create. If your blog represents you and what you want to present to clients, you’ll find that people form a more solid and reliable perception of what you provide.
  6. A blog provides a conversation starter for clients and customers
    If you are looking for ways to engage your visitors and talk to people more, you need to have a talking point or an ice-breaker that will get things begin. A blog is often the ideal way to kick start conversations, and you can have back and forth on your website if you allow comments to be made at the foot of
    your blog.
    If people want to come back to your website regularly to engage others and see what other people have said, you’ll benefit because people are coming back to your website.
  7. Blogs provide you with a business focus
    When you have a blog, it makes sense to create a content strategy. This means you will have a plan for when you should post and what you should post about. When you devise this plan, you are making plans for your
    business and this will hopefully see you be more focused in your actions.
  8. Blogs allow you to involve and engage your employees
    Many companies are looking for ways to engage their employees and make people feel as though they are a trusted and valued part of the organization. A good way to realize this is to allow employees to take care of the blog or carry out interviews with employees on the blog. When your employees are physically employed with the blog, they will be more likely to share it via their own social media accounts, which will further
    boost visibility and awareness of your blog.
  9. Researching for blog subjects helps you to keep abreast of relevant business news
    Many businesses find that running a blog provides them with an chance research local news and stay in touch with industry information and announcements. This boost your own knowledge and can help you make decisions or provide services based around changes to your industry or area. firms should be keeping in touch with relevant news, but it can be hard to find the time to do so. However, if you schedule research or study time as part of your blogging routine, you can improve your business knowledge.
  10. Blogging can provide you with insight into your clients preferences
    When you blog with WordPress or Blogger, you will be provided with information as to how people reach out your blog. This contains whether people linked to your website via social media or whether people found you
    through keyword terms. If there are regular keyword terms that people are using to find you, you should pay more attention to these keyword terms.
  11. You can promote your products and services through blogs
    While blogging should be a platform to inform and provide a service to your audience, there is nothing wrong with sometimes promoting products or services. It can be helpful to raise an issue or problem that people may experience and then showcase how your products or services can solve the issue.
  12. Blogging can lead to more opportunities
    You only have to consider the number of bloggers who have carved out careers or found themselves on the presentation circuit to realize that blogging can drive to new opportunities. This can provide you with new
    platforms to promote your company, so you should take blogging seriously. Blogging is something that can boost your business and these 12 reasons why you should blog will hopefully convince you of the merits of regularly blogging for your website.